Special Rides and Fiestas

Beach ride

The local association organize a licensed beach ride at Los Palomares. The horses are boxed from ours to the beach, the day includes light breakfast with beautiful beach ride which also includes a small pine forest, and then paella lunch, before boxing back early evening.

Rambla de Oria overnight

This is a ride with an overnight stop and ride back to the ranch. The ride goes to the beautiful town of Oria where lunch is taken,before riding to the hamlet of Rambla de Oria, and the beautiful cortijo Chumba.

© Alan Gandy


Here you will have dinner prepared by master chef Alan Poole, before retiring to your beautiful cortijo bedroom. Part of the cortijo is a cave and it has been restored very tastefully, with all the original features. Continental breakfast is served before riding back k to the ranch, with a stop for coffee on route

© Alan Gandy

Saliente Monestary

Saliente monastery overnight

Another overnight option, this time staying at the famous Saliente monastery with its breathtaking views. Again the first day you ride with lunch on route before arriving at the monastery. The evening meal is served in the restaurant where you can take in the views. Breakfast will be served before setting off to the ranch.

These rides can be incorporated into your standard holiday at the cost listed on the “prices” page


As you will all know Spain is the home of the fiesta!! There are various types, romerias are religious pilgrimages, the ferias translate as a fair, generally associated with an day off for the workers and of course the fiestas which translates as a party. In all, whatever they call it, it involves celebration with plenty of food and wine!!!!!!!!

Every village has at least one big summer fiesta, lasting a week or more sometimes!! The town halls pay for lots of different entertainments during the week,such as outside cinema or theatre, foam parties,fun sports events,bouncy castles and fair ground rides for the kids. The main nights come on the Friday and Saturday, with live bands and dancing in the village square and there is always a free lunch and drinks at some point!!!!!

© Alan Gandy

The Three Kings Procession Albox 2013

The first fiesta of the year is February the 28th which is Andalucia day. Nothing horsey on this one, but free food, usually a big paella and local wine. The last fiesta of the year is the first weekend in November, and this is in the big local market town “Albox”. This is a big fiesta, with a horse sale, demonstrations and a ribbon race, “la cinta”, with all the riders invited for a dinner in “la Parilla” . The fiesta itself has lots of beer tents, a huge fair with all the run rides and music tents with top DJ’s.

In between these dates there are fiestas on a regular basis. The bulk are from June to September. We will put up a full list once we know the actual dates in the new year. If your holiday coincides with a fiesta we will always give you the option to get involved at no extra cost.

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